Johnson Ngyuen

Welcome to the official website of Johnson Nguyen, an online marketing professional, traveller, and foodie from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
Johnson Nguyen

The legacy of Johnson Nguyen

Before Johnson Nguyen was born, his family immigrated to Canada from Vietnam in the mid 1970s following the Vietnam war. His father learned English early on, and as such was able to adjust to Canadian life easily, while his mother struggled to grasp the language, making communication difficult at times. Nevertheless, the family overcame their struggles. Johnson’s parents followed their dream of coming to Canada by risking everything to provide a better life for their children. The values of setting goals and working hard to achieve them were instilled in Johnson Nguyen.

While Johnson was in his youth, his father worked in investment management. As such, the family frequently travelled. Through this, Johnson Nguyen developed a love for travel and the foods that are paramount to the places he’s visited.

Education and experiences

While Johnson Nguyen was born and raised in the “Wet Coast,” or the rainy city of Vancouver, he considers himself a world traveller. He travelled extensively with his family as a child and adolescent. Through his travels, he fell in love with London, England. He attended King’s College and went on to earn a Bachelors degree in Digital Culture.

He took his love of seafood from Vancouver to London, where he frequently indulged in classic fish and chips at local pubs near his shared flat. He also enjoyed other traditional food of the area, including bangers and mash, cottage pie, and of course he never turned down a traditional English breakfast and enjoyed a pint of Guinness to wash it all down.

While he enjoyed London and its history, Johnson Nguyen was homesick. He returned to Vancouver to start his own online marketing company. Through his work, he manages social media channels, develops marketing strategies, and builds websites to increase traffic and sales for his clients.

Degree in Digital Culture

Hobbies and Interests

In addition to travelling and sampling different foods from different cultures, Johnson Nguyen makes time to read when he is able. As a reader and online marketing professional, he understandably enjoys writing as well. As such, he documents a lot of his travels and experiences in the form of blogs and is also able to lend his expertise to news worth articles.