Johnson Nguyen

About Johnson Nguyen

Johnson Nguyen is an entrepreneur and online marketing professional residing in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Digital Culture from King’s College in London, England, he opened his own online marketing firm as a start-up company. Over time, he was able to generate more clientele and offer more services. His team that began with just himself has grown to a group of 15 talented individuals from diverse backgrounds in marketing and communications. His team is able to help clients establish their brands online through the help of website development, social media management, and strategy creation and implementation.

While Johnson Nguyen is doing quite well now, it wasn’t always that way, and he took a route that was against his parents’ wishes. His father had always hoped for Johnson to follow in his footsteps in the world of finance. However, Johnson set his sights on a path that would allow him to use his creativity. As a result, he took to online marketing. He enjoys being his own boss and enjoys leading others. Over time, his parents have come to accept Johnson’s career path. 

Worldwide traveller and foodie

His family’s frequent travels when he was a child influenced Johnson Nguyen’s wanderlust. Johnson Nguyen fell in love with London, England during his father’s business trips. He visited tourist attractions and enjoyed traditional fare. Through these visits, he decided that he wanted to live in London, England, and so he attended college there.

John Nguyen has also visited Spain, Italy, Cuba, Australia, Tokyo, and many other locations throughout Canada and the U.S. Since he is from the west coast of Canada, he wants to further explore the east coast. He finds Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, particularly majestic and hopes to visit Prince Edward Island in the near future.

Living on the west coast in Vancouver, Johnson Nguyen has always been a fan of seafood, particularly salmon and shrimp. In addition, he does enjoy a nice surf and turf meal with a hearty steak. As you may well expect, Johnson Nguyen frequently indulges in sushi and is always on the hunt for the best traditional “B.C. roll.” In addition, he enjoys what is now commonly known as the “Japadog,” a Japanese fusion hot dog! And, of course, he could not go without Nanaimo Bars. They are his wife’s favourite, so he surprises her with a treat on his way home from work every so often.