Australian Business Interviews: Johnson Nguyen

There are few innovative people out there like Johnson Nguyen. He has spent his entire life mastering the art of digital culture. He received his education from King’s College in London and has made an incredible career out of digital marketing. Johnson Nguyen utilized his talents to create a small empire that employs 15 talented individuals that help his clients achieve their marketing goals.

He continues to innovate his approach to digital marketing and seems to find success easily. He has been recently married and is currently showing his wife the world. Johnson Nguyen is truly a digital marketing figure that all aspiring entrepreneurs should look up to for inspiration.

What Got You Started in Digital Culture?

I was always on the computer as a kid. There was never a moment that I wasn’t learning something new on the internet. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was growing up and found solace in making acquaintances online. However, something would set off the light bulb in my head one day. I found someone who ended up using their online experience to make a business for himself. This inspired me to walk the same path and become a master of digital culture by enrolling in college and receiving my bachelor’s.

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