MyInterviews: Johnson Nguyen

Johnson Nguyen, a native of Vancouver, Canada, is a Marketing genius dissecting the anatomy of attention, and the extent to which digital culture can be manipulated to create content that resonates with people. 

Nguyen obtained a bachelor’s degree in Digital Culture from the prestigious Kings College in England, after which he moved back to Vancouver, setting up an agency that operates globally with a team of 15. Johnson Nguyen developed a digital agency specializing in online culture, his company has been able to utilize digital platforms in achieving all client goals.

He is famous for his analogy on the brain and how it processes data and information; every second, the brain is receiving data at the speed of sound, the eyes alone capture almost a billion images per second, the ears do the same sending it all to the brain, processing what we retain and otherwise. The pool is huge, so the retention capacity is open only to information that is necessary or otherwise DIFFERENT.

What inspired your decision to leave Canada and opt instead for England?

From a very young age, my family instilled specific values in me, the cost of hard work, pursuing one’s dreams, and seeing beyond what lies directly in front of you. My father would often say he was only interested in the things he couldn’t see. There was an entire world filled with possibilities and wonders outside the walls of Vancouver, so my family and I would travel a lot, trying to see the things different from what we were accustomed to, it was during one of these trips I fell in love with England and chose to study there. I think these values are embedded in the core of my personality and what I do, my agency strives always to do the things people do not talk about, the things you would ordinarily not notice. Often, these are the strategies that outlive the trends and end up viral.

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