Reviews and Interviews: Johnson Nguyen

There’s a quiet revolution overturning the digital world, and some particular individuals are spearheading and optimizing it in their various fields. One of such people is Marketing guru Johnson Nguyen, a bachelor’s degree holder from the world-renowned King’s College in England. 

Johnson Nguyen left his hometown of Vancouver, Canada to study Digital Culture, a subject he regards as the future of marketing. Nguyen is a devout follower of the digital revolution. After his studies, he moved back to Canada, where he has set up a digital agency creating mind-bending marketing strategies for different brands globally. Johnson Nguyen is revered for his immense knowledge of digital platforms and how to manipulate them to achieve client goals. His agency has delivered some groundbreaking marketing strategies that stand apart from the crowd. When he’s not working, he’s ticking countries off his bucket list and exploring new places with his family. Johnson Nguyen has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world.

Why did you move back to Canada after your program?

I could not have set up my agency anywhere else, the agency is a global one, so it’s not limited to Canada, but this is where the dream started from, the vision was birthed here. My understanding of culture started from the Canadian soil, I left because I fell in love with England and studying at King’s College was an opportunity I wasn’t going to let pass by, but Canada is home.

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