RookstoolTravel: Johnson Nguyen

Johnson Nguyen is a digital marketing expert and a proud resident of British Columbia in Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree in digital culture from King’s College in London. Nguyen runs a fast-growing online marketing outfit associated with a resurgent talent group. Using his knowledge and experience, Nguyen has helped the company increase its market visibility and profitability. Most of this growth is attributed to increased sales, high web traffic and increased presence in social media outlets. The company has a strong workforce of 15 marketing specialist. The staff is spread across several cities, including London, Vancouver and Hong Kong. The marketing company’s client portfolio includes learning institutions, media, travel and logistic companies.

The opportunities brought about by digital marketing are numerous and this has seen many startups, including Johnson Nguyen’s take their rightful place in the market. The digital firm is both HubSpot and Google certified. Nguyen’s vision is to formulate strategies that will see the firm gain respect as one of the most admired online digital marketing firms in North America. These efforts will be leveraged by social media, SEO, email marketing and web analytics. Outside work, Johnson Nguyen enjoys traveling with his family. The newly wed is widely traveled having visited Europe extensively as well as parts of Asia and South America. Besides studying in England, Nguyen has been to France, Spain and Holland. His hobbies are hiking, camping and jogging.

What do you like about traveling?

Traveling means everything to me. I often think about my next trip when I want to take a breather away from the usual work routine. I have met many people and made friendships in most of the places I’ve been to, and this is something I am not going to give up. Traveling has greatly improved my communication and people skills. This is in addition to increasing my desire to learn more foreign languages. As of now, I speak English, French, Spanish and some German.

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