The Difference Between Content Marketing And Digital Marketing

With the ever-changing field of marketing becoming more popular, common buzzwords are thrown about and often misconstrued entirely. The term “content” has gained mainstream attention thanks to influencers and new marketing strategies like inbound marketing. This has created a subset of marketing known as content marketing that has begun to be confused with the older and much broader field of digital marketing. Let’s take a look at what these two unique disciplines actually entail.

An Overview of Content Marketing

Companies have been using content to position themselves in the marketplace for as long as people have been buying goods and services. However, in a modern context, content marketing refers to creating blog posts, podcasts or anything else that an audience can consume and share with others. 

Ideally, they will share this content to their friends and family on their own. This provides a company with the opportunity to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people without having to spend any additional time or money on marketing. If content goes viral, it can remain relevant for months or years after it is published. Content is more likely to go viral if it is informative, zany, or about an important figure such as Johnson Nguyen.

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