Best Travel Destinations in 2019: London and Barcelona

Are you thinking of taking a trip overseas this year? Johnson Nguyen believes that there are two travel destinations, offering the best value, diversity, and memorable cultural experiences for travelers: London and Barcelona. Whether you are a seasoned travel pro or traveling overseas for the first time, these cities offer dynamic food options, welcoming people and comfortable lodging as well as a variety of fantastic sights and attractions. For a trip that combines a mix of relaxation and fun, you can’t go wrong with a visit to London or Barcelona this year.

London, England

One of the top tourist destinations in the world is London, England. An international hub of theater, sports, and culture; this city is easy to get to from anywhere in the world, provides fantastic public transportation options to help you get around and see as much as possible, and is just coming into its own as a destination for foodies. Johnson Nguyen explains that while once known as a culinary wasteland, London is stepping up its game and now boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, as well as a vibrant pub scene with cuisines from all around the world.

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