Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Whether you’re are traveling on a budget, or just looking to get the most out of your travel budget; here are a few tips on how to save money while you roam. It doesn’t matter if you are jetting off to an international tourist destination or sticking closer to home with a road trip or cross-country flight; there are a lot of ways that savvy travelers can save money. Just think about it, the more you save the sooner you can plan your next trip! Before you go, check out these tips from online marketer and travel lover Johnson Nguyen, for saving money during your next trip:

Avoid Checked Bag Fees — When making flight reservations, be careful of the airline fees that can be added on for things like reserving a seat and bringing more than one, or an overweight bag. Some airlines offer cheap flights that allow travelers just one small carryon bag, with expensive extra baggage fees. To help, pick lodgings with available washer/dryers so you can pack less to take advantage of these discounted travel rates. Johnson Nguyen recommends wearing heavy items like coats and dress shoes on the plane to reduce your baggage weight and leave room for souvenirs when you pack.

Check out free activities — Admission to museums and other tourist spots can really add up. Instead, consider checking out free activities, from public parks to hiking spots; free concerts and cultural institutions; or self-guided walking tours throughout your trip to reduce these pricey fees. There is so much information available online now for travelers — including blogs on how to experience a city like a local. Find and save free walking tour maps like these to help you learn more about your travel destination, while saving on expensive tour fees.

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