What to Eat When You are Visiting Vancouver

Vancouver is situated on the west coast of Canada, not far from two other foodie travel destinations in the US cities of Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. For travelers looking for great food destinations, Vancouver should be considered along with these two other destinations as a spot not to be missed.

Whether you are visiting Vancouver for the first time or have already explored its cultural delicacies before, the city’s vibrant food and beverage scene is only growing in prestige. Vancouver is recognized world-wide as a top culinary destination that mixes West Coast flavors with diverse world cuisines. From innovative food trucks to Asian-inspired eats, hip cafes and pricey seafood selections; Vancouver has it all. Johnson Nguyen, Vancouver resident and owner of an online marketing company, highlights his favourite food choices in Vancouver.


Vancouver’s proximity to the Pacific Coast has ensured a diverse selection of seafood restaurants featuring local delicacies from salmon to shrimp that are served up just hours after being caught in the waters surrounding the area. Speaking of salmon, if you’re looking for something sweet, one Vancouver staple to try is the highly addictive salmon candy, which is smoked and glazed with either maple syrup or locally produced honey. It’s a great gift to bring home to your friends and family to let them know what they are missing in Vancouver. In addition, other local seafood dishes to try in Vancouver include prawns and West Coast Oysters. Johnson Nguyen highlights the Spot Prawn Festival that the city of Vancouver hosts every year to celebrate this local dish.

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